Meet Laura!

Meet Laura!

Meet Laura!

  • Posted by Ashley Panter
  • On August 7, 2018

Specializing in bringing both compassion and excellence to her work.

Laura M. Mayfield, Attorney at Law, specializes in bringing both compassion and excellence to her work. Working in domestic, juvenile, and criminal defense law, she is experienced in standing with her clients in their moments of greatest need. Her passion for healthy community fuels her work and makes her an excellent advocate for anyone in the midst of these emotionally charged legal battles. She is a strong, stable support both in and out of the courtroom. Conversational in Spanish and fluent in English, Laura is capable of providing advocacy across multiple communities. With experience in immigration law, Laura is well-equipped to represent clients who are concerned about the implication of criminal convictions on immigration status. She thrives on providing support for those most in need of representation, and always strives to obtain the most favorable outcome for her clients.

Laura’s experience in law extends far beyond the courtroom, and in all of her roles, people have been the most important aspect of her work. For several years, she worked as a Deputy Clerk for the Gwinnett County Clerk of Court. There she learned the practical and procedural aspects of the law, but even more important, she gained extensive experience interacting with judges, attorneys, and the public. During law school, Laura served as a paralegal for a local family law firm, working alongside an experienced attorney to represent and counsel many spouses, parents, and children. From her time as a Deputy Clerk, to her current work as a litigation attorney, serving and understanding people has always been the central focus of her career. Laura is a graduate of Georgia State University and a member of Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (GACDL) and the Gwinnett County Bar Association.


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