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Whether you are battling with DFACS to keep custody of your child or your child is facing criminal charges in the juvenile court, we can help you navigate the court system to ensure your rights and the rights of your child are well represented.

Georgia has a special court system that is dedicated to protecting those children who are brought before the court system. The Juvenile court system provides a high level of privacy for the minor children and their families by limiting public exposure of the sensitive issues heard by this court. As a result of the “closed-door” policies of the Juvenile Court, it is often difficult for juveniles and their families to navigate the system without proper representation by an attorney.

By statute, Georgia’s Juvenile Courts have jurisdiction over three types of cases:  

  • Deprivation cases: cases involving children lacking proper parental care or control, subsistence, education, or other care or control necessary for the child’s physical, mental, or emotional health or morals;
  • Delinquency cases: cases involving children who have committed delinquent acts that would be crimes heard in the State or Superior court if the offender were an adult; and
  • Status offenses: cases involving children who have committed acts which are only offenses because of the age of the offending child.   

In addition, many Superior Courts send issues of custody and visitation to the Juvenile courts for adjudication because the juvenile court is specially equipped to address the needs of minor children.

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